16 Jun

God is love and he loves us all. The love of God to our lives is so intense that he says, there is nothing that can separate us from love be it life or death or anything else. This is a sure promise that we have an everlasting God who loves us. But we ourselves tries to move away from His love. We fail to connect with the love of God when we fail to adhere to his word and sin. We need to know that even though God allows pain and suffering in our lives, He still loves us. God Himself suffered and so He knows what it is to suffer and how pain feels like. God underwent torture and suffering and He died on the cross not because He had done anything wrong but because of His love for us.

God gave His own live for us. He allowed suffer and death just to safe us from sins. He paid our debts on the cross through suffering and death. We should always thank God and believe Him for the love He has for us. So now, even though at one point you will find yourself in pain and suffering, you need to know that it's not because He doesn't love you that you are suffering, you have the evidence that God loves you and no one should tell you otherwise. Now, why does God allows pain and suffering despite the fact that He loves us?
This is not an easy question to answer, however, we need to understand one main thing as to why God loves us is because he want to test our faith and love for him. Otherwise, the problem of pain makes one feel uncomfortable and distracted.

 When you are going through hard times, you mayntjink that God doesn't love you but the truth is that he loves you and want to see how much you love and trust him. Some of the pain moments we pass through are a test to us. All we need is a little faith and everything will be okay.God loved Ayub but He still allowed devil to test him. The bible tells us how the devil asked for the permission to test Ayub and even though He loved him, He still allowed the vldevil justvto see whether atub us a faithful man or not. Even after everything ayub had was swiped away including his children, ayub still remained faithful to His God and this is what made God to turn his wealth back.

We pass through pain and suffering when we get sick and die. Death came to the world to inflinct pain to the people. However, we have to die if we want to reconnect with God once more. Even when you go through hard times in live, you should remain faithful to your God and everything will be fine. There is nothing that's happening in your life that God doesn't know. He knows you in and out even more than you know yourself so you shouldn't think that God doesn't see your pain. He is omnipresent, omniscient and he knows everything so you shouldn't worry because He is with you. You need to call His name and believe that He is going to see you through your suffering. You must understand that God doesn't live a double standard life so you must stick to His love and his teachings at all the time.

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